The story takes place in Villafranca Piemonte in early 40’s, by Giuseppe Aimaretti’s talent and passion. He, as a simple butcher, decides to start his own business up: a small slaughterhouse of pigs joined by an artisanal laboratory in order to produce cured meats.


Since childhood, Giuseppe Aimaretti has never hidden his great passion for raw ham. In the 70’s he built up a sincere and deep friendship with a great expert on the subject, Bruno Brendolan from Vicenza, who introduced him to the world of this inimitable excellence production.


Giuseppe Aimaretti and Bruno Brendolan’s roads of life are officially joined in 1991, when they give birth to A&B, Aimaretti & Brendolan. It is an ambitious project designed to guarantee the best quality at every stage of the raw ham production, from breeding to seasoning, thanks to a unique agri-food supply chain.


Quality is a real mission for the Aimaretti family. In 2011, San Dan Prosciutti was founded, a new brand that makes excellence its flag. A reality that deals with San Daniele PDO hams and that aims to bring to the world their unmistakable taste.


In San Daniele del Friuli a new project was born: the “Citadel of Prosciutto”. A magical place, designed to give everyone the opportunity to get to know this exceptional product in depth, to deepen the processing techniques and to discover its most precious secrets.